Workshop A: Modelling ecosystems and ocean processes: the GLOBEC
perspective of the past, present and future

WA-O1 Francisco Werner. Topic 1 review: Physical and biological modelling   WA-O1 Werner 6.9 mb
WA-O2 John Klinck, Michael Dinniman and Laurence Padman. Large scale context for oceanic processes on the west Antarctic Peninsula   WA-O2 Klinck 3.7 mb
WA-O3 Michael Dinniman, John Klinck and Walker Smith, Jr. Differences in the fate of Circumpolar Deep Water advected onto the continental shelf in the Ross Sea and the West Antarctic Peninsula   WA-O3 Dinniman 2.1 mb
WA-O4 Ayan Chaudhuri, Avijit Gangopadhyay and James Bisagni. Response of the western North Atlantic to characteristic high and low NAO phases   WA-O4 1.2 mb
WA-O5 Albert Hermann. Regional modelling of the coastal Gulf of Alaska: progress and pitfalls   WA-O5 2.3 mb
WA-O6 Kenneth Coyle, Albert Hermann and Sarah Hinckley. Northern Gulf of Alaska shelf ecosystem: refining our understanding of the spatial distribution of plankton production and biomass using GLOBEC observations and an ecosystem model embedded in a ROMS circulation model of the shelf environment   WA-O6 3.4 mb
WA-O7 Angelica Pena and Michael Foreman. Modelling plankton dynamics and biogeochemical cycles on the Pacific coast of Canada   pdf not available
WA-O8 Wendy Gentleman and Pierre Pepin. Improving confidence in copepod mortality estimates: choosing formulas and quantifying errors   pdf not available
WA-O9 Susan Allen and Megan Wolfe. An example of the use of simple models for process studies   WA-O9 Allen 1.3 mb
WA-O10 Georgina Gibson. Simulating lower trophic levels ecosystem dynamics during ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ years: an ecosystem model for the Bering Sea   WA-O10 Gibson 0.6 mb
WA-O11 Feng Zhou and Daji Huang. Variations of the Changjiang diluted water and their potential ecological influences in summer of 1999 and 2006   WA-O11 Zhou 2.1 mb
WA-O12 Raghu Murtugudde. Regional earth system prediction: microbes to man   WA-O12 Murtugudde 3.2 mb
WA-O13 Louis Botsford, Mike Fogarty, Francis Juanes, Alan Hastings, Steve Teo, Matt Holland and Hui-Yu Wang. Variation in species response to environmental variability   WA-O13 Botsford 1.3 mb
WA-O14 Steven Teo, Louis Botsford and Alan Hastings. Environmental influences on marine survival and maturity schedule of coho salmon from California to Alaska   WA-O14 Teo 0.6 mb
WA-O15 Michael Foreman, Dario Stucchi, Ming Guo and Piotr Czajko. A coupled biophysical model for resource management in the Broughton Archipelago   WA-O15 Foreman 6.2 mb
WA-O16 Julie Keister, Neri Mariani, Vincent Combes, Cheryl A. Morgan, William T. Peterson and Emanuele Di Lorenzo. Model experiments link zooplankton species distribution and ocean transport in the Northern California Current   WA-O16 Keister 1.4 mb
WA-O17 Christoph Stegert, Rubao Ji, Cabell Davis and Andreas Moll. Congener copepods in the northern Atlantic Ocean: an inter-regional modelling analysis on the response to changes in environmental conditions   WA-O17_Stegert 2.5 mb
WA-O18 Myron Peck, Hans-Harald Hinrichsen, Wilfried Kühn, Ute Daewel, Thomas Pohlmann and Rudiger Voss. Biophysical modelling of early life stages of sprat in the North and Baltic Seas: process knowledge gained during the German GLOBEC programme   WA-O18 Peck 2.0 mb
WA-O19 Pavel Chernyshkov. Seasonal and annual distribution of small pelagic fish stocks related to environmental conditions in the Canary upwelling area from 1994 to 2007   WA-O19 Chernyshkov 1.3 mb
WA-O20 Martin Huret, Pierre Petitgas, Fabien Léger and Mathieu Woillez. Sensitivity of anchovy larval dispersal to climate change in the Bay of Biscay   WA-O20 Huret 0.8 mb
WA-O21 Mick Follows. Topic 2 review. A self-organising approach to modelling marine ecosystems   WA-O21 Follows 4.0 mb
WA-O22 Jerome Fiechter, Ralph Milliff, Chris Wilke, Andy Moore, Mark Berliner and Zack Powell. Topic 3 review: Estimating ecosystem model uncertainties and climate change impacts in the North Pacific Ocean   WA-O22 Fiechter 1.5 mb
WA-O23 Mathieu Woillez, Pierre Petitgas, Martin Huret, Caroline Struski and Fabien Léger. Monitoring spatial patterns for ecosystem assessment: the Bay of Biscay pelagic zone   WA-O23 Woillez 1.0 mb
WA-O24 Jason Link, Robert Gamble and Elizabeth Fulton. Presentation of an ATLANTIS application for the NEUS ecosystem: a scary model, lots of data, comforting validation, and a naïvely optimistic step towards Ecosystem Approaches to Management   WA-O24 0.6 mb
WA-O25 Ivonne Ortiz Fortunat, Kerim Aydin and Albert Hermann. The FEAST model for the Bering Sea: forage / euphausiid abundance in space and time   WA-O25 Ortiz 6.4 mb
WA-O26 Enrique Curchitser, Kenneth A. Rose, Katherine Hedstrom, Jerome Fiechter, Shin-ichi Ito, Salvador Lluch-Cota and Bernard A. Megrey. Marine ecosystem models: strategies, applications, and future directions   pdf not available
WA-O27 Hiroshi Sumata, Taketo Hashioka, Naosuke Okada, Maki Aita, Naoki Yoshie, Takashi Sakamoto, Tatsuo Suzuki and Yasuhiro Yamanaka. Eddy permitting simulations of 3D-NEMURO in the global ocean   WA-O27 Sumata 3.1 mb
WA-O28 Michael Follows. What reulates large scale patterns of diversity in marine microbes?   WA-O28 Follows 2.3 mb
WA-O29 Sarah Gaichas, Kerim Aydin, Garry Odell and Robert Francis. Complex systems models of trophic and fishing interactions with implications for research and management   WA-O29 Gaichas 0.9 mb
WA-O30 Elizabeth Fulton, Randall Gray, Miriana Sporcic and Roger Scott. Using agent-based models to capture the dynamic nature of marine systems   WA-O30 Fulton 5.1 mb
WA-O31 Thomas Anderson and Bablu Sinha. Emergent properties of a complex ecosystem model in a global general circulation model: sensitivity to grazing parameterisations   WA-O31 Anderson 1.6 mb
WA-O32 Ken Drinkwater. Topic 4 review. Climate change in regional marine ecosystems: requirements and challenges   WA-O32 Drinkwater 1.4 mb
WA-O33 Jason Holt, Icarus Allen, Robert Holmes and Manuel Barange. Climate change effects on primary production in coastal and shelf seas   WA-O33 Holt 2.1 mb
WA-O34 Nicholas A. Bond, Muyin Wang and Albert Hermann. Evaluation of the oceanographic component of climate models used by the IPCC   WA-O34 Bond 0.5 mb
WA-O36 Vadim Navrotsky. Life and global climate change: the world ocean input   WA-O36 Navrotsky 2.3 mb