Poster presentations

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PS1-P24 Langdon Quetin, Robin Ross, Maria Vernet, Wendy Kozlowski, Lynn Yarmey, Alex Lowe, Margaret Amsler, Christian Fritsen, Oscar M.E. Schofield and Deborah Steinberg. Grazing by larval Antarctic krill and phytoplanktondynamics during the fall west of the Anatarctic Peninsula   PS1-P24 Quetin 0.7 mb
PS1-P26 Christian J. Salvadeo, Daniel Lluch-Belda, Alejandro Gómez-Gallardo and Jorge Urbán-Ramírez. Climate change and poleward shift in a dolphin species at the northeastern Pacific   PS1-P26 Salvadeo 4.5 mb
PS1-P30 Brenda Temperoni and Maria Delia Viñas. Seasonal reproductive biology of Oithona nana (Copepoda: Cyclopoida) first record in temperate coastal waters off Argentina   PS1-P30 Temperoni 6.8 mb
PS1-P38 Cherisse Du Preez and Verena Tunnicliffe. Abundances of primnoid corals and rockfish in trawled and untrawled areas of Learmonth Bank, British Columbia   PS1-P38 Du Preez 7.9 mb
PS2-P33 Ronald Tanasichuk. The influence of interannual variations in euphausiid population productivity on the production of herring salmon along the west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, with implications for understanding ecosystem function   PS2-P33 Tanasichuk 0.5 mb
PS3-P8 Marta Coll, Lynne J. Shannon, Dawit Yemane, Jason Link, Hann Ojaveer, Unne-Jai Shin, Sergio Neira, Didier Jouffre, Pierre Labrosse, Kerim Aydin and Fatima Borges. Ranking ecological relative status of exploited ecosystems using multiple indicators   PS3-P8 Coll 0.1 mb